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Meet Charlie!

May 07, 2021 2 min read

Charlie, Our latest model of the Cordless Vacuum cleaner is now available in all our online channels. It was designed to be an improved solution to cleaning woes through its top of the line features. Some of its notable traits are:

POWER CLEANING. That's right, Charlie is equipped with 25,000pA suction power which enables user to clean a lot faster and with more efficiency. 

5X DEEPER CLEANING. More than a powerful suction, it is also paired with 5 different nozzle attachments including a POWER MOPwhich allows users to vacuum and mop at the same time--keeping floors polished and particle-free!


ROTATIONAL JOINT. Corners/Edges are no problem for Charlie! Without even lifting the unit you'll leave no corner unturned. 


NO VACUUM BAG. Charlie's a vacuum cleaner you won't have a fuss cleaning. Its dust container can be easily emptied and ready for another round of cleaning. 

POWER MOP. I know we've already mentioned this, but let us gush about it again. Users will be able to vacuum clean and mop at the same time! You'll be able to see your floors free of stain and foot prints.


HEPA FILTER +. Charlie is able to trap and absorb the smallest micron-sized air particles (ex: bacteria and viruses) along with bigger particles with the help of the HEPA filter and cotton filter.



UP TO 45 MINUTES CLEANING TIME. Charlie's rechargeable, detachable battery is able to keep Charlie cordless cleaning to 45 minutes. Because battery is rechargeable, it is able to keep Charlie's design slim and lightweight.

Find out more about Charlie in its product page. Check-out Charlie with 15% off for the whole month of May with the Promo Code: MEETCHARLIE. Add promo code upon check-out in our website to avail of the discount!

Dom See
Dom See

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