10 Mind and Body benefits of working out at your Work Desk

June 10, 2021 2 min read

 The work-from-home set-up may be less hassle and less stress without the daily commute and spending time fitting in that uniform and just making yourself look nice in the mirror. 

But have you actually achieved that work-life balance since you started working from home? Does unlimited workload come with unlimited O.T even at home? Would you still have time to workout and exercise, and when was the last time you tried to at least skip rope or even did some jumping jacks?

We’ve partnered with Viper Bicycles to answer your work from home exercise distress :)  Here are health benefits you can get from working out while working at home with the Monarc x Viper Stationary Bike!   

1. Get your heart pumping

You can finally have time to do Cardiovascular workouts while working on your projects and daily work. Cycling strengthens your heart, lungs and muscles.

2. Burn Calories

An hour of stationary bike workout can burn up to 600 calories,depending on the cycling intensity. 

3.Weight Loss

The strength you gained and calories lost from working out on the stationary bike can lead to burning of your body fats.

4. Low - Impact workout

Versus running, jogging, jumping, stationary bicycling requires smooth movements that do not require extra pressure on your bones and joints. Making it easy to simultaneously workout and finish your work. 

5. Strengthen your Lower body muscles

Pedaling helps strengthen your lower body muscles such as your calves, hamstrings, quadriceps, the muscles in your core, back and glutes.

6. Interval training

You can manually change your stationary bike workout settings to low, medium or high intensities allowing interval training.

7. Improves your memory

Cycling builds brain cells that help improve your memory, an ideal benefit for individuals whose career requires a lot of memory.

8. Boost your mood

Hours on your work desk may be mentally straining.
Improve your work mood by cycling as it pumps blood that allows spread of endorphins, dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin.

9. Better Sleep Quality

Cycling helps lessen your stress levels, and helps improve your sleep-wake cycle, resulting in deep slumber.

10. Boost creative thinking

The cycling movement has a uniform movement that gives off a relaxing effect on the brain, keeping stable physical and mental function. This helps you promote new thinking patterns that boost your individual thoughts and ideas. 

Lex Dela Cruz
Lex Dela Cruz

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