Ionic Tower Fan

More than beating the heat, the Monarc Ionic Tower Fan is designed to improve your indoor air quality. 

PURIFIES AIR WITH ION TECHNOLOGY. By giving air particles a charge, it makes it easy for the Ionic Tower Fan to purify your living spaces by trapping the charged unwanted airborne particles such as smoke and other small particles 

STRONG BUT QUIET AIRFLOW. Enjoy the strong breeze while not being distracted by the noise level of the Ionic Tower Fan. With only 20 dB (decibels), the fan was designed to be any user's companion for work or leisure.

SLIM DESIGN. Unlike most fans that take up a lot of space, the tall, slim structure of the Ionic Tower Fan requires very minimal space, which makes the area less cluttered and easier for floor-cleaning.

REMOTE-CONTROLLED. Be able to control the Ionic Tower Fan no matter where you are in the room. 

THREE SPEED SETTINGS. Equipped with low, medium and high speed settings. With the highest speed at 49m/s.

AIR SWING / OSCILLATING. For better air distribution and circulation, the Ionic Tower fan is equipped with an Oscillating function.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
great purchase!

i am very happy with my purchase! the remote control was such a big help when i was recovering from sickness as it allowed me to control the fan from my bed. it's also very strong so even the number 1 setting is enough for normal days.

Eliza Castillon

Ionic Tower Fan (Clearance)

Arian Z
Fan not working after 1 day

We received our Monarc Ionic Tower fan order yesterday afternoon. While we were using it this evening, the fan suddenly stopped so no wind was coming out of the product. We can still control oscillating function and the display is responding when we press the speed, mode, and ionizer, but no wind is coming out.

Elizabeth Ong

So far, so good! Very happy with it. I recently bought it. Let’s see how durable it is after a few months. If it is, I’ll buy some more units

Nela S.
Great Product But Has Minor Issues

Great product - although I have a couple of minor issues with it ever since I bought this a month and a couple of weeks. First thing is when I received the fan, one part where it hooks and locks the outer body wasn't properly locked in place so it's now broken. Not sure how I can open this to clean the fan without possibly damaging the white outer body. Secondly, after using it for a month and a couple of weeks, the LED display for the temperature has already lose two lines (on the top for the first number and on the middle for the second number).

It still works fine though, and I really like this tower fan for its height and its features.