Why Shop with Atome?

With Atome, you can keep your home clean and sanitized without the pressure of upfront payment.

Atome allows you to invest on Monarc products with 3-month installments at 0% interest. You can also track and manage your spending and get discount coupons in the Atome app.

How to make an Atome Account

Download app

Sign up using your phone number

Verify your mobile number

Verify your account

Add details

Scan ID

Scan Face

Add Credit/Debit Card

How to Pay with Atome

Choose Atome Payment Option Checkout

Scan QR Code

Enter Total Amount


Your purchase is now complate!

How to Redeem Atome Vouchers

Scan QR Code

Enter Total Amount

Check for Promotion

Apply Voucher


Your purchase is now complate!

Frequently Asked Questions

Atome is a service that provides installment payment. It allows shoppers in the
Philippines to pay for their purchases in three installments at 0% interest.

Atome accepts the following Philippine government-issued IDs:

1. Unified Multipurpose ID (UMID)
3. Driver's License

Yes, both debit and credit cards are accepted by Atome.

No, Atome is a free service. There are no hidden charges or interest for using Atome.

Yes, shopping with Atome is a safe and secure experience. Find out more at Atome's terms and conditions and privacy policy.

If you missed a scheduled payment, Atome will charge you a ₱300 administration fee and freeze your account until your outstanding balance is paid. Your account will be reactivated once all the amounts are paid.

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