Botbot Robot Vacuum Cleaner + Mop

Keep your floor spotless and particle-free with Botbot. A smart and easy-to-use Robot Vacuum cleaner that's perfect for the on-the-go professional, pet owner, or the multi-tasking parent. 

TRIPLE CLEANING ACTION. Botbot is equipped with the best threats against airborne particles:

  • 1000pA Suction Power Vacuum cleaner
  • Microfiber Mop + Water Tank - Perfect for removing stains and polishing floors
  • HEPA Filter - traps micron-sized particles such as bacteria and viruses

SLIM AND COMPACT SIZE. Botbot was designed to fit in hard to reach areas such as underneath furniture and small corners. This allows for thorough cleaning.

LONG CLEANING/RUNNING TIME. Botbot is able to clean for up to 90-100 minutes. 

EFFECTIVE BUMPER SENSOR. Great for navigating through living spaces, Botbot is equipped with a sensor to avoid obstacles such as furniture, humans, pets and staircases.

BUILT-IN HOMING SYSTEM. Botbot can make its way to the charging port without being directed. 

1-YEAR WARRANTY. All our customers enjoy 1-year warranty for all our products.

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
christian Cotoco

Monarc Botbot is very easy to use, cleans very well, and knows how to clean and stop on stairs and edges.

This is a very good purchase especially if you need help cleaning all the floors of your entire house.

PS: Very big help in cleaning floors under the bed, under sofas and tables, and the likes.


I like that it is efficient in cleaning dust and small particles. However, the mop function is not as efficient as it is unable to remove dirt/stain from floor. Also, BOTBOT finds it hard to go back to its home.

ayan na si botbot 😊

it's what i tell the doggos when botbot is approaching, and they both give him the space to do what he does best, keep the house dust, hair, and fur free... and i can have him run loose around the house anytime, even during work hours...

Margie Gayapa

Botbot Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Atty. Ferdinand Arthur Diaz
Very efficient!

The best purchase we had in years! My wife is very happy because it but cleaning time hours as botbot now does all the sweeping. And the floor has never been this squeaky clean!

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