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Seems like the filter needs to be changed every 6 months.

Great purchase!

Satisfied with product, but...

I appreciate that the items were shipped immediately and received in good condition. I also like that the packaging is very earth-friendly (eco-bag is the way to go). However, I noticed that after changing the filters, the red light indicator in the air purifier itself did not change to green. I cleaned the unit prior to changing the filters as was recommended, so I don't know why the unit cannot detect the new filters. Please let me know how to remedy this. Otherwise I think the filter set works as advertised.

Works very good

I can say its a dupe of a dyson vacuum cordless. Excellent performance!

Wireless Cordless Electric Stick Vacuum Cleaner


Good sya so far. I mean, it's a small dishwasher that fits perfectly sa Condo space. Don't expect to put too much on it since it's small. For best practice, we try to clean up the mess and hard dirt sa plates/glasses and utensils before putting it sa dishwasher. Yun na yung time consuming pero di rin naman super. Mabilis lang rin naman yun. Afterwards. It works very well. Plus may heating function pa after so we know na sanitized talaga ang mga gamit namin,

Great Fan

I was using it for 3 months now and It’s superb! I’m just having issues with the number display as other lines are missing already. I do not know how to clean it as well.

great purchase!

i am very happy with my purchase! the remote control was such a big help when i was recovering from sickness as it allowed me to control the fan from my bed. it's also very strong so even the number 1 setting is enough for normal days.

Ionic Tower Fan
Eliza Castillon

Ionic Tower Fan (Clearance)

I was so surprised that it was delivered the same day that I ordered!

Ionic Tower Fan
Fan not working after 1 day

We received our Monarc Ionic Tower fan order yesterday afternoon. While we were using it this evening, the fan suddenly stopped so no wind was coming out of the product. We can still control oscillating function and the display is responding when we press the speed, mode, and ionizer, but no wind is coming out.

Better than Dyson!

Bought this as a gift. She was most happy with the adjustable head (i.e. she doesn’t have to bend or squat just to reach under side tables), the mop, and the built-in light. I’d say it’s better much value than Dyson.

The only point of improvement siguro are the instruction manuals. She couldn’t figure out some of the diagrams and had to trial and error a bit. But I think it’s a minor issue considering that the feature set is so good for the price. Sulit pa din siya considering the price of Dyson.

Ionic Tower Fan
Elizabeth Ong

So far, so good! Very happy with it. I recently bought it. Let’s see how durable it is after a few months. If it is, I’ll buy some more units

Charlie Cordless Vacuum + Power Drive Mop
Charlie Charlie

Awesome product and nice design. More powerful than majority of the brands available. 👍👍👍.

Wireless Cordless Electric Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Botbot Brush
Caris Marinda

Botbot Brush

Battery is not charging..

After just few months from purchase, the battery doesn't fully charge at all.

Ionic Tower Fan
Nela S.
Great Product But Has Minor Issues

Great product - although I have a couple of minor issues with it ever since I bought this a month and a couple of weeks. First thing is when I received the fan, one part where it hooks and locks the outer body wasn't properly locked in place so it's now broken. Not sure how I can open this to clean the fan without possibly damaging the white outer body. Secondly, after using it for a month and a couple of weeks, the LED display for the temperature has already lose two lines (on the top for the first number and on the middle for the second number).

It still works fine though, and I really like this tower fan for its height and its features.

Ionic Tower Fan

I have just opened and begun using my Ionic Tower Fan. Why does it turn on on it's own even I have turned it off?

Monarc Botbot is very easy to use, cleans very well, and knows how to clean and stop on stairs and edges.

This is a very good purchase especially if you need help cleaning all the floors of your entire house.

PS: Very big help in cleaning floors under the bed, under sofas and tables, and the likes.

Wireless Cordless Electric Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Great Monarc product at a reasonable price plus the convenience of purchasing the item using Billease.

Powerful and beautifully designed!

The Ionic Tower Fan is perfect not only for bedrooms, but also living rooms and dining areas because it can keep a lot of people cool. It's powerful! The design easily fits into the interior of almost any room. I immediately ordered another unit the next day!

Test review

Let's sew if this really gets posted. Then it means the reviews above are legit.

UV Box 12L
A Tad Confused

The UV Box 12L is working as expected for the UV function (have not tried other features). Although the start process does not currently follow the manual, which I find quite incomplete and a bit confusing. After I press the UV mode then ON, it goes off again. So now I need to press ON first then UV mode for the box to start working. Other than that, I no other complaints as of date.

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