CleanAir Air Purifier 3-Stage Filter

Monarc CleanAir Air purifier combines minimalistic design with Smart technology to offer the best way to improve indoor air quality. 

3-STAGE FILTRATION PROCESS. CleanAir uses a 3 step air filtration system providing you with peace of mind that your family is breathing safe and clean air.

  • HEPA Filter - traps micron-sized particles such as bacteria and viruses with a 99.9% effectivity rate
  • Activated Carbon Filter - responsible for removing harmful odors and gases 
  • Pre-Filter - washable and is able to trap large airborne particles.

WHITE NOISE FUNCTION. Promoting relaxation and better focus for users. 

For best results, CleanAir can be used in a 30 square meter room or smaller.

1-YEAR WARRANTY. All our customers enjoy 1-year warranty for all our products.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Mumsy P
Fast Delivery

I love monarch products, from vacuum cleaners (first purchase), fans (have 4 now) and now their air purifier. So far, my fave feature is the timer. I don't have to worry when I need to turn it off. Will probably try another product.

EJ Maniti
Very reliable!

We live in a condo and there is no partition between kitchen and living area. So, our problem has always been the bad odor emitted when we cook. However, the CleanAir Air Purifier really helped eliminate unwanted smells. Worth the purchase!

Katrine Anne Villanueva

CleanAir Air Purifier

Adrian Arias

A UV light would be a nice improvement.

Kaye Punzalan
CleanAir Purifier

So happy with this purchase. For me, instructions provided are easy to understand, as long as you read the manual completely. It truly lives up to its expectations. It actually eliminates odors, unlike otherpurifiers that I have tried before. It has a sleek and classy feature and I love that its uncomplicated to use.

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