Signs you need a Cordless Vacuum + Power Mop

July 15, 2021 2 min read

All the manual cleaning physically straining you? Or you just don’t have the time to clean around your living space. This may be the time to consider smart technology cleaning assistants. ;)

We have listed below the most common cleaning problems in households, let us know if you encounter this too, Botbot and Charlie are here to help!

Unable to clean hard - to - reach spaces

Struggling with cleaning high window blinds, cabinets, car seat pockets, under the bed, and the sides of your sofa cushions? We hear you! Your regular hand broom or washcloth may not do the cleaning job for these hard-to-reach spaces.

Charlie Vacuum with the Crevice and brush attachment will surely leave even the smallest corner of your furniture and fixtures cleaned and dust-free. 

With Botbot’s slim and compact design, it can clean through  underneath your furniture.

Mopping and Broom Sweeping spreads bacteria and germs

There may be germs present in your floor, and mopping just helps these unwanted bacteria to spread all around your home. 

Sweeping out dust  may clean out your surface, but this also kicks up the dust particles into the air, making some of the dust airborne and some fall off into tight corners and attach to curtains and furniture.

Charlie and Botbot are equipped with HEPA Filter that traps 99.9% of dust, pollen, mold, bacteria and other airborne particles in your living spaces.


Cleaning around is Labor - intensive

Minutes or even hours of sweeping, mopping, lifting fixtures and furniture everywhere to clean every spot is just exhausting!

Experience hands-free cleaning with a power of a Robotic Vacuum Cleaner that’s equipped with 1,000 pa Suction power, that is also able to mop out the dirt in your floors with it’s quality microfiber mop. 

Cleaning with Charlie will make your cleaning routine a lot easier and faster with it’s 5 different types of attachments, you will no longer need to acquire different kinds of  cleaning materials and tools. Charlie is the answer to all of your cleaning needs.

Use of too much Water and Chemicals is not Eco - Friendly.

 Some cleaning solutions have high chemical content, it may leave your surfaces spot-free and fragrant, but it’s not Eco-friendly. Using a large amount of water every time you mop is just not practical for your water bill either.

You wouldn't need any chemical or solution with Monarc’s cleaning assistants, as Charlie and Botbot’s mops with built in water tanks can effectively clean with just water and the strength of a power mop and a microfiber mop.


No time for Cleaning
Everyday tasks, other chores and your daily work can hinder you from getting that schedule for your home cleaning.

It is time to experience getting your cleaning tasks done with smart technology. 

You can create your own cleaning schedule for Botbot, just set the time you want it to start cleaning! Along with Botbot's automatic cleaning setting, it can also be controlled/guided in its cleaning path through the remote control. This allows the user to ensure thorough cleaning without physical strain.

Lex Dela Cruz
Lex Dela Cruz

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